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Beechcraft owners and those with an Avidyne FMS. If you're like me, I have had the Avidyne MK10 Bluetooth keyboard for some time and have not used the accessory for lack of a good place to put it. I wanted a clean, good-looking solution that would be at my fingertips. A location that would be readily accessible, yet out of the way and easy to remove/replace. Placing the unit on the Yoke is the perfect location and quickly accessible for those bumpy rides where reaching over to the touch screen can be tricky to input waypoints, destination or even just squawk codes.  If youre like me, I had a Davtron clock on my yoke, which was cool, but never used.  Now I have a very functional piece of equipment, to replace the clock, that I use on every flight.


When ordering be sure to specify hole pattern of yoke plate.  I have traditionally seen the standard Bonanza Pattern and the other option being the hole pattern that fits the Davtron Clock.  Unit shown with Davtron Clock hole pattern.   See attached drawing in images for further details.


The unit is quite robust and made of durable Carbon Fiber PETG thermoplastic. High quality thermoplastic with high heat and engineering grade qualities. Be sure to specify your choice of color Highlights with custom lettering if you desire. Match your plane and add a Custom "N" number!


"As orders are 3D printed and assembled upon purchase, please allow up to two weeks for shipment!"

Beechcraft/Avidyne Yoke Plate

Lettering Color (As Shown "Coffee Bronze")")
    1. Material is heat resistant Carbon Fiber PETG thermoplastic.
    2. NON - TSO'D (LOL!)
    1. Yoke Plate (Included, No Screws)
    2. Avidyne MK10 Keyboard Mount (Included)
    3. Avidyne MK10 Keyboard (not included)
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