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The exposed 12V socket in my bonanza, or formally cigarette lighter, was an eyesore that needed a suitable cover. 3D printed TPU(rubber) proved to solve the problem. I have two Socket Cover design options available. One has a locking attachment point(circular ring) and the other simply acts as a socket plug. The socket cover with an attachment option has a slotted grove that snaps the cover/cap in place to the base.  Both options include extended wings on either side of the cover for grip while removing.  The socket plug design is secured in place through friction.


Two colors available: Black & Gray


Buy 1 get 2nd half off with coupon code "12V" at checkout.

BO 12V Socket (Cover)

SKU: B108
    • Product printed with Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU).
    • It is a melt-processable thermoplastic elastomer. It has the characteristics of both plastic and rubber. Thus, it exhibits properties like durability, flexibility, and excellent tensile strength. It fulfills the needs of many demanding applications. These include automotive, wires and cables, sports, and textile coatings.
    1. (1) TPU printed Socket plug or Socket Cover with ring attachment point depending on selection at checkout.
    2. Does not include any other hardware, backplate, or 12 V socket connector.
    3. Non PMA'd parts and no STC has been obtained. Owner assumes all liability for installation.
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