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The exposed 12V socket in my bonanza, or formally cigarette lighter, was an eyesore that needed a suitable makeover. So I did some research and integrated a 83W 12V USB laptop capable charging replacement. Obviously, it would not be complete without a custom backplate and rubber cover with "BO" logo.


Full kit includes:

  1. Carbon Fiber 3D printed backplate
  2. TPU(rubber) 3D printed cover with custom "BO" logo 
  3. 83W 12V USB Outlet. 
    See specification for details.


Two colors available: Black & Gray



BO 12V Socket (V1)

    1. Custom Bnanza rubber cover 3D printed with Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU).
    2. Backplate 3D printed with Carbon Fiber PETG Thermoplastic
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