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"HEADSET HOOKS" are a simple yet very effective organizational tool for stowing your aviation headsets.


"BO-Hook" was designed to snap over the aileron trim knob found on most bonanzas. This unit provides a low-profile design making use of the aileron control knob for a central location and easy access to stow your headset.  BO-Hook is designed not to impede the operation of the aileron trim knob.


"BO-Hook R1" now avaliable for use with "TRAYAWAY" product.  Select option on checkout.


Please see photos and videos.



1. Material is an upgraded, heat resistant, Carbon Fiber Nylon. This material is like black aluminum; super light and strong with great heat resistant properties. CF Nylon is currently only available in BLACK.

2. Have tested fit on Lightspeed, Bose and Dave Clark style headsets. Dimensions are provided should you have another brand to verify compatibility.


SKU: B103
    1. All products are printed with heat resistant Carbon Fiber Nylon.  Material is Nylon infused with Carbon Fiber.
    2. NON - TSO'D
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