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Wife asked that I design a tray table that would replace the ashtray for the back two seats of my 1976 V35B. Wanted it to dub as a portable tray table, cup holder and iPad holder for the kids.


That Easy... Simply remove old ashtray and replace with BO Tray Table. No cutting, gluing or modification involved.


NOTE: Currently working with IA to get FAA 337 field approval for those interested.


"As orders are 3D printed and assembled upon purchase, please allow up to two weeks for shipment!"

Bonanza Tray Table

Color Tray Table
Color Cup Holder/iPad Stop
    1. All materials 3D printed with PETG for heat resistance and durability.
    1. Unit designed for 1976 V35B Bonanza as a slip in replacement for existing Ashtray insert.
    2. Ashtray was typical for various models, however please verify dimensions prior to order. Critical measuremets are Dimension "A"(screw spacing), "B & C"(Ashtray Opening) and "D"(Depth from opening to outer panel of aircraft).
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