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Introducing the Bonanza Cup Holder-(ASH) from our custom 3D printed aviation cockpit products collection. Have you needed something to hold drinks while traveling? Look no further! This custom cup holder fits securely along any side panel, directly into your existing ashtray, while adding a clean stylish look to your cockpit. The units stow away, offering an added space-saving option when not in use. Say goodbye to spilled drinks and hello to convenience with the Bonanza Cup Holder-(ASH).


  1. Quick Install
  2. Utilize existing ashtray screw holes and screws (no new holes to drill)



  1. Fits 111mm screw hole spacing
  2. Always verify measurements prior to order for clearances above, below and to each side.

Bonanza Cup Holder-(ASH)

$65.00 Regular Price
$52.00Sale Price

Memorial Day SALE 20% OFF @ Checkout!

"B" Color
Cup Holder Color
    1. Material is heat resistant PETG for all 3D printed parts.
    2. NON - TSO'D
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