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NOTE: This purchase is for a "Digital Download" of the model STL file and printing parameters for personnal 3D printing and not for commercial reproduction.  Additional information can be found under the physical product point of sale on this website.


Digital Download Content includes one of each of the following units:


Carbon V2 was designed off of my popular (+) model, moving the PEN Holder option to either side leaving room for the added option to hold Headset Controllers (more controller variants coming!). The Ashtray upgrade (V2) replaces your standard pilot and copilot ashtray with a much needed utility. Replacement comes with custom backplate, collapsible cup holder and pocket/controller "Option". You have a choice between the basic pocket, or Headset Controller option. Pockets are removable, so you can interchange them as different pocket variants are released.


In addition to the Carbon V2 are included STL's for the following inserts:

  1. Bose A20
  2. Lightspeed
  3. Pocket

Bonanza Cup Holder (Carbon V2)

    1. Model Files are in STL Format
    2. Prusa Slicer 2.5 printer configuration file
    3. Primary Material: Atomic Filament CF PETG
    4. Rubber Components: NinjaFlex TPU
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