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C-AIR-1 Vent is designed to upgrade the existing rear passenger air vents in your Cessna . As the summer heat starts to rise, these modern air vents will provide improved airflow to keep your cabin cool and comfortable during your flights. The vents are designed for easy installation, making it a simple and effective upgrade for your aircraft. Say goodbye to the sweltering heat and hello to a more enjoyable flying experience with the C-AIR-1 Vent.


IMPROVEMENTS over Vintage air vents:

  • Precisely engineered inner chamber supporting laminar airflow
  • O-Ring seals rather than the old cloth tape for a bearing surface
  • ASA thermoplastic materials that are heat and UV resistant



Colors avaliable as shown on 3D printed parts in photos.



  1. Verify measurements of your existing vents to those provided in photos of C-AIR-1 to insure fit.
  2. Parts are 3D printed
  3. Faceplate is designed to be custom painted to match interior
  4. Faceplate provides hole guides to bracket but variations with interiors may require adjustment
  5. Faceplate can be trimmed to match various interiors
  6. We do not recommend painting vent components
  7. As these parts are made to order, please allow up to three(3) weeks for shipping.



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    1. Non PMA'd parts and no STC has been obtained. Owner assumes all liability for installation.
    2. Metal housing not included in order.
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