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Mix it up, try out different colors or add custom LETTERING. The "CHILL" Ipad mount can accommodate interchangeable FACE PLATES. Maybe your tired of the original color choice and you would like a new look. Maybe, like some, your "N" number is plastered all over your panel and you would rather some other nomenclature. Add "Cessna", "Piper", "Bonanza", "V35B", "VANS", etc.


*If you have a special request for a color not listed, reach out maybe we can find what your looking for.


"As orders are 3D printed and assembled upon purchase, please allow up to two weeks for shipment!"



"CHILL" Face Plate

$30.00 Regular Price
$24.00Sale Price

Memorial Day SALE 20% OFF @ Checkout!

Face Plate
    1. 3D printed with engineering grade PETG thermoplastic for heat resistance.

    1. Does not include "Ipad CHILL Mount"
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