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NOTE: This purchase is for a "Digital Download" of the model STL file and not for commercial reproduction.  Should you need a CO-Pilot configuration, you will need to mirror certain components accordingly at the time of importing into your slicer.  Additional information can be found under the physical product point of sale on this website.  Rubber strap and endcap are best printed in TPU. Will require a M3x6.5mm screw (or equivalent) to secure the Controller Clip to Supper Hook Arm after you slide into place.


For those using prusa printers please follow the following link for TPU settings.


Digital Download Content includes one of each of the following units:


Controller Clip (Carbon V3) was inspired to replace your existing ashtray with a needed utility of organizing headset controllers. However, request were made from the group so we added a pen holder and headset hook as well.  Pen holder-endcap is TPU Rubber to conform and secure pens in place.  Option provided for Rubber Strap to secure headset for those turbulent moments.


Bose A20 and Lightspeed (Zulu 3 and Sierra) variants included for controller clip holder.


Simply remove your ashtray and utilize existing screws to secure Controller Clip. Controller Clips are 3D printed in Carbon Fiber infused PETG. PETG is an engineering grade filament that is heat resistant and great for the application at hand.


This unit was designed for a Cessna 172 but confirmation has been made that it will also fit a Cessna 182.  However, as variations have known to exist, I would suggest verifying measurements prior to placing order. See photos for measurements. If you require a specific size not listed, please reach out and modifications can be made to accommodate.

Cessna Controller Clip (Carbon V3)

$49.00 Regular Price
$39.20Sale Price

Memorial Day SALE 20% OFF @ Checkout!

    1. Model files are in STL format.
    2. Primary Material printed in Atomic Filament CF PETG
    3. End Cap and Strap printed in TPU
    4. Drawing Units are mm
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