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"Controller Clips" fasten the headset controller to the standard Bonanza Ashtray.  Simply unscrew the existing ashtray handel and replace with "Controller Clip" of your variant(bose/lightspeed) choice.  Very simple two minute install and you can still keep your ashtray.



1.  Material is an upgraded, heat resistant, Carbon Fiber PETG.  This unit is only avaliable in BLACK.

2. Supports various headset models with ANR Controllers. Chose option on checkout.



Controller Clips - BO Variant

    1. All products are printed with heat resistant PETG.  Material is PETG infused with Carbon Fiber.
    2. NON - TSO'D

    1. One (1) Controller Clip of variant choice.
    2. Unit comes with necessary screws for installation.  Installer will need allen head wrench to complete installation.
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