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NOTE: This purchase is for a "Digital Download" of the model STL file and printing parameters for personnal 3D printing and not for commercial reproduction.  Additional information can be found under the physical product point of sale on this website.


Digital Download Content includes one of each of the following units:


Carbon V3 cup holder was inspired from my popular (V2) model addressing a request for an Armrest adaptation. Two options are available. For those who have the aluminum end cap with MIC slot and those end caps without. V3 is sleek and can be stowed minimizing the footprint and allowing full cabin access between seats. V3 has an expandable clasping arm that can accommodate large tumblers down to a simple plastic water bottle (See videos). The support foot of the cup holder has a rubber inlay (landing pad) designed to add maximum grip along with the clasping arms for those turbulent moments (See videos for demonstration). V3 should accommodate just about any bonanza model, but as always, I would suggest verifying measurements prior to placing order. See photos for measurements.


Bonanza Cup Holder (Carbon V3)

    1. Model Files are in STL Format
    2. Prusa Slicer 2.5 printer configuration file
    3. Primary Material: Atomic Filament CF PETG
    4. Rubber Land Pad: NinjaFlex TPU
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