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CF-LIGHT cup holders are designed to replace airplane side mounted ashtrays with a 65mm whole spacing. The cup holders come in three variants.  Headset controller holders are interchangeable should you upgrade your headset in the future.



V1 model is a basic cup holder with a small footprint and two hole options to allow for vertical movement of the cupholder when space is limited both above and or below ashtray.



V2 model builds on the V1 model adding an option for a headset controller clip. Supports various headset models with ANR Controllers. Chose option on checkout.



V3 model is a versatile culmination of a cup holder, headset controller holder and pen holder combo set.  Unit comes with option for bottom or side mounted headset controller holder.  Make choice upon checkout.


"As orders are 3D printed and assembled upon purchase, please allow up to two weeks for shipment!"


Cup Holder (CF-LIGHT)

    1. Material is heat resistant Carbon Fiber PETG for all 3D printed parts except the "Landing Pad". "Landing Pad" is 3D printed with TPU which is flexible like rubber, and helps improve gripping.
    2. Non PMA'd parts and no STC has been obtained. Owner assumes all liability for installation.
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