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CV-R1 (Thermal-manifold) is an upgrade option for those who already have the CV-R1 vent and would like to switch out their existing vent manifold with a thermometer option as found in the original Cessna Vents.


Thermometer - 2" Dial (Better than the original)

(Custom High Precision Commercial Grade), Tel-Tru Manufacturing

  • 4 inch stem
  • -40/160 degrees F and -40/70 degrees C
  • 304SS dry
  • 1/2 inch NPT connection
  • .250 inch stem diameter, blunt tip
  • Glass
  • Back Connect
  • ±1% accuracy



This purchase is for the gray manifold end piece to the CV-R1 Cessna Vent that contains the thermometer and eyeball air vent only.  This purchase is not for the black vent body and will not function as a fully assembled vent.  Please see CV-R1 product if you do not already have the CV-R1 Cessna Vents. 


"As the Thermometers are special ordered from the manufactuer upon purchase, please allow up to three weeks for shipment!"

CV-R1 (Thermal-manifold)

    1. CV-R1 Gray Manifold with thermometer and eyeball air vent.
    1. Non PMA'd parts and no STC has been obtained. Owner assumes all liability for installation.
    2. 3D printed materials used in this product may include Nylon, PETG and TPU.
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