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Joining the fleet is the Cardassian built space station orbiting the once occupied Bajor. It serves as a major trading outpost in the sector, as well as the first line of defence against the pesky Dominion!
It was Destined to hang from your Christmas tree!

Deep Space Nine Kit Card


Memorial Day SALE 20% OFF @ Checkout!

    1. The KIT card consists of a 3D printed thermoplastic profile kit of your order and if color "GLOW" is chosen will glow green when charged with light.
    2. Choking Hazard, Small Kit parts - small CHILD WARNING, Not suitable for children under age of 3. The kit uses slip joint construction but will require minor Xacto knife fitting and part adhesive using normal super glue.
    3. Orders custom printed to order so please allow up to two weeks for shipping.
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