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Grumman Lover's... made this especially for you.  Need something to fill the slot for your hitch when not in use... here ya go... Enjoy!  Made of durable Carbon Fiber infused Nylon or PETG.  High quality thermoplastic with high heat and engineering grade qualities.  Be sure to specify your choice of color Accents.  Base color shown in WHITE, Accent shown in RED.


Version 2.0  now available... the initial run was a great success.  You guys were kind enough to give me feedback on the original design and I have made improvements based on your comments.  Version 2.0 has a beefier wing and attachment point.  Although you cannot use it as a step, it should provide a more robust connection for environmental elements like snow and ice.


"As orders are 3D printed and assembled upon purchase, please allow up to two weeks for shipment!"

Grumman Hitch Plug V2

Base Color (As Shown "White")
Accents (As Shown "Red")
    1. Material is heat resistant Carbon Figer infused PETG or Nylon.
    2. NON - TSO'D (LOL!)
    1. One Hitch Plug (Does not include hitch pin)
    2. Wings inserts not attached for shipping purposes.  Wings will need to be inserted and superglued into center hub assembly (glue not included, I recommend "Gorilla Super Glue XL").
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