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For those with an existing GUARDIAN AVIONICS Model 52-18 smartPanel Mount, the "CHILL" Adaptor Plate (52-18), can utilize existing mounting holes of the Guardian mount when attaching your Ipad "CHILL" Mount.  With the adaptor back plate you can attach "Chill" Mount without the need to create new holes in your panel. 


*If you have a special request for an adaptor, reach out as I am sure I can create a custom adaptor for your needs if needed.


"As orders are 3D printed and assembled upon purchase, please allow up to two weeks for shipment!"



"CHILL" Adaptor Plate (52-18)

Adaptor Plate
    1. Mount is 3D printed with engineering grade PETG thermoplastic for heat resistance.
    1. Guardian Adaptor Plate
    2. Screws to mount Ipad Chill Mount to Adaptor Plate
    3. Does not include "Ipad CHILL Mount"
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