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"HEADSET HOOKS" are a simple yet very effective organizational tool for stowing your aviation headsets. Two options are available.


"Super Hook" was designed as a universal headset clip that could attached to moldings around the upper perimeter of the cabin. No install required: no tape, no screws... just clip. This variant is available as an option with a rubber strap, should you choose to leave headsets attached and want to keep them secure during turbulent weather.


Please see photos and videos for example of each.



1. Material is an upgraded, heat resistant, Carbon Fiber Nylon. This material is like black aluminum; super light and strong with great heat resistant properties. May substitute Carbon Fiber PETG based on avaliability of CF Nylon.  CF Nylon is currently only available in BLACK.

2. Have tested fit on Lightspeed, Bose and Dave Clark style headsets. Dimensions are provided should you have another brand to verify compatibility.

Super Hook


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    1. All products are printed with heat resistant Carbon Fiber Nylon.  Material is Nylon infused with Carbon Fiber.
    2. NON - TSO'D

    1. One(1) Hook (rubber strap if option is selected).
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