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NOTE: This purchase is for a "Digital Download" of the model STL file and printing parameters for personnal 3D printing and not for commercial reproduction.  Additional information can be found under the physical product point of sale.


Digital Download Content includes one of each of the following units:


"HEADSET HOOKS" are a simple yet very effective organizational tool for stowing your aviation headsets. Two options are available.


"BO-Hook" was designed to snap over the aileron trim knob found on most bonanzas. This unit provides a low-profile design making use of the aileron control knob for a central location and easy access to stow your headset. BO-Hook is designed not to impede the operation of the aileron trim knob.


"Super Hook" was designed as a universal headset clip that could attached to moldings around the upper perimeter of the cabin. No install required: no tape, no screws... just clip. This variant is available as an option with a rubber strap, should you choose to leave headsets attached and want to keep them secure during turbulent weather.


"Seat Hook" is a clean stow option that connects to the guide post in the Bonanza headrest. It comes with a rubber strap and two adjustable positions for those with custom seat covers and widths. The rubber strap keeps the headset secured nicely to the back of the seat and from flopping around during egress and ingress as well as turbulent weather.

Headset Hooks

    1. Model Files are in STL Format
    2. Prusa Slicer 2.5 printer configuration file
    3. Primary Material: Atomic Filament CF Nylon
    4. Rubber Strap: NinjaFlex TPU
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