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iPad mini 6 "CHILL" mount with superior cooling, custom N-number branding and interchangeable "CHILL" face plate. If you want a custom iPad panel mount that will keep your iPad cool during the hot summer months, then this unit will get the job done. I have experimented with the top brands and none could keep my iPad cool during the summer here in South Louisiana. I needed something with improved airflow pulling cabin air, NOT from behind the panel. Existing manufactures, that I have used, were using fans with 5 cfm of airflow volume limited to small veins for distribution; so I more than doubled volume with a 12 cfm unit and exposed the entire back panel of the ipad pulling cabin air. The "CHILL" mount also provides for many other upgrades.

  • Superior Cooling: No air veins to limit airflow. Back of Ipad is completely exposed taking advantage of full heat dissipation.
  • Magnetic mounting (Ipad lays right into mount and stays)
  • Room for Apple Pen
  • Hole providing access to gusset lock for those who choose to mount on lower half of panel
  • Ability to start and stop charging directly from power on/off switch on "CHILL" mount.
  • Interchangeable Faceplate for those who get tired of looking at the same color and want to try something new. Maybe add your "N" number or Model aircraft you are flying.
  • Tilted screen for better viewing.
  • Easy access for mounting and servicing.
  • Fan controlled on/off switch (not included).


*For those with an existing GUARDIAN AVIONICS Model 52-18 smartPanel Mount, see my "CHILL" Adaptor Plate (52-18), sold separately.  With the adaptor back plate you can attach "ChILL" mount without the need to create new holes in your panel.  If you have a special request for an adaptor, reach out as I am sure I can create a custom adaptor for your specific needs.


"As orders are 3D printed and assembled upon purchase, please allow up to two weeks for shipment!"



"CHILL" Ipad Mini 6 Mount

Main Body