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BO Scoop (Carbon V1) was inspired when I purchased one of the alternative Vent Scoops on the market that advertised to fit my bonanza.  Unit was considerable undersized for my window and required adhesive on my window which would have been problematic for my window tint.  



Design objectives:

  1. Maximize window opening to increase cabin airflow and air volume during idle, taxi and runup operations.
    -Airspeed W/O Scoop: 13 mph
    -Airspeed W Bo Scoop: 33 mph (2.5 times the airspeed)
    -Air Volume: Competitor (70 cfm)
    -Air Volume: Bo Scoop (324 cfm) x 4.6 times the competitor's volume of airflow.
    *See attached videos with Anemometer results.  Test taken with prop speed of 1000 rpm stationary.
  2. Installation that would not require adhesive to window.
    -Compression clip for easy on/off installation.  
    -No need for adhesive
    -Slip on and off installation.
  3. Installation that would not scratch existing tint and window.
    -Compression clip and vent contact points coated with rubber sleeve to prevent scratching of window tint and window.
  4. Evenly direct airflow to head, body and lap.
    -Implementation of laminar airflow veins pointed in all three directions.
  5. Stylish
    -Cool design, performance aesthetics, and custom embossed Bonanza "B" logo ("B" does not come painted black as shown).
  6. Fit snugly into available storage space.
    -Stows nicely to center console POH storage box with compression clips.
    -Stows nicely in cargo net along base of front seats.


Ordering Considerations

  • In my research there are several size window vent openings available, as well as two primary thickness of glass being 1/4” and 3/8”.  Upon ordering you will be required to specify height of opening and glass thickness.  This is necessary so that you’re custom BO VENT will maximize the space available and ensure clip has the proper friction.
  • Only color options available at this time is Carbon Fiber Gray.
  • "Flex Seal Coating" option adds added protection against plexyglass.



OS-BO Scoop (Carbon V1)

$59.50 Regular Price
$47.60Sale Price

Memorial Day SALE 20% OFF @ Checkout!

    1. Material is heat resistant Carbon Fiber PETG for all 3D printed parts except rubber sleeve for clip. Rubber sleeve is 3D printed with TPU which is flexible like rubber, and provides friction for BO SCOOP clip against window while at the same time protecting against scratches.
    2. Order is for one (1) BO SCOOP.
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