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Strike fear among the Rebel starfighters with the TIE Advanced X1, most notably piloted by Darth Vader during the Battle of Yavin! An experimental variant of the mass produced TIE fighter used heavily by the Galactic Empire, it hosts an impressive array of advanced technology and weaponry, though due to its high costs was later replaced by the exceptionally deadly TIE Interceptor.


TIE Advanced Kit Card


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    1. The KIT card consists of a 3D printed thermoplastic profile kit of your order and if color "GLOW" is chosen will glow green when charged with light.
    2. Choking Hazard, Small Kit parts - small CHILD WARNING, Not suitable for children under age of 3. The kit uses slip joint construction but will require minor Xacto knife fitting and part adhesive using normal super glue.
    3. Orders custom printed to order so please allow up to two weeks for shipping.
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